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#NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 30: ‘People We Knew’

People We Knew

People we knew, but don’t know anymore
won’t fully dissipate without a trace
but remain in our lives as echoes
and monuments to worlds that don’t exist
any longer and that we only half
recognise as ones we used to live in.

Some played a role in our lives and in
front of the eyes that we remember more
or less similarly inside the half
correct recollections through which we trace
our history with them, and exist
to our minds as reliable echoes,

but then there are inaccurate echoes,
distorted by the time and distance, in
which some people have come to exist
a bit differently to history; more
pink to their light than in life with a trace
of lotus to the taste in about half

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#NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 29: ‘How my friend and I ebb and flow on either side of an ocean’

How my friend and I ebb and flow on either side of an ocean

Half the time that I’m awake is half
the time that you’re asleep or
at least I guess in theory
that’s the case because in
practice we both keep
hours outside
what’s healthy
for the
roam in,
finding time for
our tides to meet
and mingle and exchange
ideas, affection, and
letters that we have kept afloat
till the other appeared. We both
romanticise the moon, and let her
move us as she chooses, yet still
prove rebels to our own
rhythms, which lets us pass
each other waving
like ships in the
night lit so

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#NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 27: ‘Sonnet for My Covid Jab(s)’

Sonnet for My Covid Jab(s)

Rush inside my muscle with a yell
that shall leave none in doubt it’s now your home
where this unwelcome guest you will repel
and make my tissue risky land to roam.
‘Tis worth the soreness of my upper arm
to know it’s from your tireless patrol
which has you on alert to raise alarm
and keep my systems under safe control.
Teach my cells of things they never knew
or even dreamed since first they split apart
so they’ll be prepped to see the good fight through
as they are spread all round me by my heart.
In short, my friend, I’m so glad you are here
to leave my mind at ease and airways clear.

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#NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 21: ‘It’s hard to write a poem about someone’s eyes that doesn’t sound cliché ‘

It’s hard to write a poem about someone’s eyes that doesn’t sound cliché

Just stab me with your eyes
like two icy-bright blades
that I’m quite content
to leave lodged in my chest,
just spin around grinning
to stare me in the face
and throw those twin daggers
straight in my direction,
it’s worth any bleeding
or risk of infection.