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REVIEW: ‘Impromptu Shakespeare’ by KPS Productions

1 Star

*Sigh*… Look.

There is no ‘right’ way to do improv. Improv, as I have often seen, can be applied and executed in a myriad of ways.

If it exists, you can do an improv version of it. No exceptions. Anyone who tells you there is a right way to do improv is self-righteous and probably lying to you.

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REVIEW: ‘The Road That Wasn’t There’ by Trick of the Light / Zanetti Productions

4 Stars

Magical. That really is the only way to describe this production. Magical. Whatever age you might be, this play plunges you into a beautiful, captivating world of paper, shadows,  and music and light. Oh, and also it does it with puppets.


Because, everybody loves puppets!

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REVIEW: ‘Party’ by Ball Pit Theatre

4.5 Stars

This was a show I opted to see on a whim. I’d been leafing through flyers that morning, and noticed this show was finishing the same day. Given that all the other flyers I had were for shows that with longer runs, I thought ‘why not?’ and hurried off to get my ticket. (The fact that I thought the girl on the flyer was cute has nothing to do with it despite what some people might try to insinuate).

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