'Who I Think About When I Think About Love'

Who I Think About When I Think About Love

When I think about Love there are often faces that ripple around my mind of people who mean Love to me in some form, shape, or kind.

I think about the two people who gave me life, and hauled me through it with shelter, and food, and gentle mockery, and lessons, and never wavering affection, and who these days only ever interfere when it’s clear I’m about to make a bad decision.

I think about the other two they gave life to, with whom I shared the turbulence of growing up in a thousand spats and minor injuries, but still are always there for me, and I think about the partners they chose for their lives and the little ones they’ve given life in turn, who I’m always first in the queue to cuddle whenever it happens that chance should occur.

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#NaPoWriMo2019 – Day 30: ‘Never, Never, Never’

(Published a month late for reasons).

Never, Never, Never
As time aches on, I more and more think,
this country needs to be burned to its bare foundations.
We’ve always been a damp racist mess
but were meant to be painstakingly getting better.
A foolish thought, though, let’s be real;
xenophobic islands don’t change their rocks that easy,
not when it’s oh so much simpler
to lay blame on the mainland for our self-inflictions.
Soon just a rock in a lonely sea
pathetic but now independent, apparently,
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#NaPoWriMo2019 – Day 29: ‘Fledgling’

(Published a month late for reasons).

Fledgling flutterball, just chase that butterfly,
collide with who I assume is your sibling
and forget the insect for a fleeting fight.
Now is the best time in your life for quibbling,
when you’re freer as a bird now than you’ll
ever be again. My garden’s a cruel
place to grow up, fleeing from outside-cats each
day, so make the most few flighty weeks.

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#NaPoWriMo2019 – Day 27: ‘All the Good Things’

(Published a month late for reasons).

All the Good Things
Life’s gonna shovel
a shitload of shit
at times when there’s no doubt
you do not deserve it.
So might I quickly
take a quick moment
and speak with asserted
assurance to note that
You deserve all the good things,
just all the good things for you.
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#NaPoWriMo2019 – Late Poems

Shortly to be published following this post are the last four poems from National Poetry Writing Month 2019. I was meant to write these at the end of April but things became rather busy all of a sudden in that last week, which coincided with a patch of writer’s block that I wasn’t able to shake until now.

I’m a bit disappointed  in for not keeping to writing them at the time like I was meant to, but I have written them now, and I’m a strong believer in Better Late Than Never. It’s pretty much my life’s motto by this point. 

Gotta keep on writing, folks, even if it takes a while to get round to it sometimes. 🙂 

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#NaPoWriMo2019 – Day 26: ‘For a Fellow Disaster’

For a Fellow Disaster
A friend I gladly join to live a high
life marked by dye-disasters, giggle-fits
and Netflix, and not, as of yet, saying
no when I ask to spend another snug
night, guarded closely by loyal rodents,
atop her lumpy, comfy sofa that
heaves faint beleaguered dusty sighs on each
Occasion my arse plonks back on its seats.
‘tis its owner, I treasure more, for
No other soul has that same sleepy grin,
empathy, charity, or, I’m afraid,
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#NaPoWriMo2019 – Day 25: ‘A Stroll Outside Kingsbury Episcopi’

A poem written in a vague Pindaric Ode style:
A Stroll Outside Kingsbury Episcopi
The path of lately-trodden grass ahead
is crowded both sides here
by shouting dandelions, close gathered near
the drowsy river that, above its bed,
looks made of mirrored smudged glass
trundling on a sluggish conveyer belt past
what seems to be a family of long
-tailed tits who trill a song
of polite instance to not pause ‘neath their trees,
and a couple of quite judgmental donkeys
watch everything, oddly solemn,
as helpful bells remind all that it’s 7pm.

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#NaPoWriMo2019 – Day 24: ‘A Quiet Death’

Finally found a time to write a Villanelle, possibly my favourite of all poetry forms, though I rarely manage to write ones that I like.

I at least don’t hate this one:
A Quiet Death
When we weren’t watching all of it decayed,
for those who look, it’s pretty plain to see
our time is running short, and I’m afraid.
We somehow missed the moment we first strayed,
and rambled down the wrong route still in glee.
When we weren’t watching all of it decayed
to rotten rust that too soon will be made,
by but a tiny nudge, only debris; Continue reading “#NaPoWriMo2019 – Day 24: ‘A Quiet Death’”