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REVIEW: ‘Academy of Risk’ by Stargaze

3 and half star

It’s tricky to figure out exactly what I want to say about ‘Academy of Risk’. On the face of it there’s much to like about this piece of theatre. Certain elements are crafted exceptionally well but there’s something missing at the core that lets it down sufficiently to prevent it from being further up my list of favourite shows.

As a piece of theatre, it’s very impressive. Visually and aurally, the company do a fantastic job. The soundscaping and foley work, provided by members of the cast off to one side, is pretty much seamless, and the transition from scene-to-scene just as much so. In terms of plot and story however, I’m afraid it failed to measure up. As good as the technical and staging work is, without a truly immersive story, there’s only so much it can do. Something about the narrative seems a tad half-hearted, cliché and dotted with plot-holes. It feels as though all the attention to detail that went into the staging and sound was possibly at the cost of the script being overlooked, or at least missing some attention that it probably needed.

It’s a pity. The cast, despite their young age, are capable and could likely have effectively handled a better script well. My reservations aside, I remain glad to have seen it and have no difficulty in saying that the company’s hard work has, at least to some extent, paid off.

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