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REVIEW: ‘The Storybook Musical’ by Guild Musical Theatre Group

3 and half star

What would it be like if you took the basic story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream but replaced the four main protagonists with beloved storybook characters?  ‘The Storybook Musical’ sets out to answer this question that somehow no one thought to ask before. The result is a fun fifty minutes of whimsical, musical humour.

It’s very sweet and fun to watch. Fun to perform as well it would appear, going by the energy of the cast. Each performer threw themselves into their roles with unbridled enthusiasm and a childlike glee entirely in-keeping with the theme and premise of the show. They’re capable vocalists and while I’m afraid the songs aren’t especially memorable, they’re enjoyable at the time and done with full-heart. The show doesn’t take itself too seriously, which works very much to its advantage. Much hard effort and love has gone into it, that’s clear but it maintains a light-hearted, easy-going feel that made a nice change of pace from some of the more intense shows I saw while at the Fringe.

I’d say my favourite performance of the five member cast came from Megan Probert as Alice (as in ‘in Wonderland’), who made for a delightfully insane stage presence. Her crowning moment came when she delivered the immortal line “Look me up in the thesaurus, I’m under flawless!” which caused my friend Tom to perform a strange ghetto-style hand movement I strongly feel he should never attempt ever again.

It helps that the whole cast are incredibly friendly people whom we acquainted ourselves with at stage door. All came to see our own show in turn, and they remain among the nicest folks we met whilst in Edinburgh.

‘The Storybook Musical’ is definitely something Guild Musical Theatre Group should be proud of.

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