Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2016

Fringe Diary – Day Three: First Night


That. Went. So. F***ing. Well. 😀

I really didn’t expect our first preview to go that smoothly. But it did, and I’m so so happy. There were minimal f**k-ups tech-wise and equally minimal and inconsequential line-flubs. I’m so proud of my cast, and I know now that we have a great week ahead of us.

Earlier to this, I had a standard day. I walked to the Mile with Rob (who brings to life the part of Nichols in The Last) and spent a good few hours circulating up and down that little stretch of theatrical wonderland. I really do love flyering. For some people it’s a chore but I adore it. One meets so many nice people for one thing, and flyer-swaps are my favourite Fringe custom. (Last year, I will confess, I also used it as an opportunity to hit on countless numbers of attractive people. I have a girlfriend now who is beautiful beyond words and makes my life more wonderful than I ever thought it could be, so I have no interest in that side of flyering anymore – some of my cast members however…well I shan’t say anymore).

I don’t think there’s really much else for me to report. My day really was just flyering and performing. I also managed to fit in seeing a show called Going Underground by ‘Bitter/ sweet’, a review of which I shall post in good time.  In-between, back at the flat, we were treated to some marvellous teriyaki chicken, courtesy of Alastair (portraying Myles).

Other than being completely drenched by rain on the walk to the venue, I couldn’t be happier with how our first night went. All cast members were there, and healthy. The desk held itself together, and the audience of about 10 (which is a lot better than we expected for a preview) seemed to receive it well.

Will the rest of our run continue along the same line? Come along and see for yourself. We’ll still be going from the 6th through to the 13th (excluding Sunday 7th) and intend to maintain and improve upon the success with which we have started.

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