Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2016

Fringe Diary – Day Four: Spot Off



That preview did not go nearly as well as the first one.

In large part this was due to one our spots being in the wrong place, forcing me to improvise with the lighting in some scenes, and generally just throwing the whole show off a little. The cast still did a great job however, and it was nowhere near being a terrible performance. Still, it stressed me out beyond belief and I was knackered by the time the Space Venues launch party came around.

Earlier in the day I had done as I usually do. Flyering and wandering. I was mostly with Kaia (Marianne) and Adrienne (Elise) during the day. We went up and down the Mile, networking and advertising and at later point drifted down Grassmarket and back with no real intention at anything. We returned, after a fashion, to our own venue, to see a show performing in the same space as us. The Lost Children of Neverland, by T24, is a charming little rendition of the Peter Pan story which we all rather enjoyed.

After that, we trekked back to the accommodation, rested briefly, then trekked out again. We got through the difficult preview I’ve already described, and then looked for a way to kill some time before the launch party began.  We found it in the form of The Rugby Tour, from The Ogg Shaped Theatre Company. A genuinely hilarious depiction of ‘Lad’ stereotypes in all their terrible glory.

I didn’t see much of the launch party, myself. As I said before I was thoroughly knackered from the day and the show problems. I stayed long enough to appreciate the music of Blueswater and befriend a couple of pleasant Canadians from an a cappella group called Countermeasure, before I headed home with some of my other more tired members. Leaving the rest to their fun and socialisation. I’m given to understand that T24 are now our new Fringe-besties and that we’ve formed a lasting bond with Ogg Shaped Theatre as well. I’ve never been great at networking myself, which I why I leave it to my more socially-talented cast members.

Sunday is our day off, which’ll hopefully provide me with the opportunity to calm myself and prepare for the show-week ahead which will, with any luck, be free of technical hitches. There’s only one way to find out if I’m right: by coming along to one our shows Monday 8th-Saturday 13th, 9.20-10.20pm at SpaceTriplex. 😉

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