Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2016

Fringe Diary – Day Five: Simple Sunday


Sunday was our day off from performing, which we each used it to pursue endeavours that would allow us to relax and recuperate before our full week run.

I myself headed alone into town, and flyered extensively in preparation for the following day. When I eventually tired, I set up camp in a coffee shop until I was able to ascertain the location of my scattered friends.  I joined Dawid, Nixxy, and Alastair for a viewing of The D-List by Shrapnel Theatre, which we all very much enjoyed. (This was in no small part due to the astonishing beauty of much of the cast). Following this we met with some old friends of Nixxy’s and had a late lunch at a taco establishment down on Grassmarket.

I left when the others decided to watch a show which I believe was called Betty Grumble the Sex Clown Saves the World. I had no personal objection to the show itself but felt I might be a little out of my depth. As such I returned home and just rested for the remainder of the day, and that, all in all, is pretty much it.

This is a very short entry but it was a day where little of note occurred as far as my poor short term memory informs me.

Keep on reading as more interesting events are to come.

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