Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2017

Fringe Diary – Day 2: Edinburgh Boogaloo


Well we got some sleep. In nice comfortable beds in a nice comfortable house. It’s a very underrated thing.

It was a 10 o’clock (well, ish) start for everyone. To get in as much rehearsal as possible, for the benefit of newΒ and veteran cast members alike. Much as it might often feel like it, you can never have too much rehearsal. There was a lot of shifting around of furniture and boxes involved but in the end we cleared enough space to set up our mercifully minimal set and run through scenes again, and again, and again, and well, you get the idea.

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Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2017

Fringe Diary – Day 1: New Places, New Faces


Hello boys (girls, and non-binaries), we’re baaack!!

Well some of us are anyway. Another year, another company, another show. Maybe this year, I’ll be in a show that gets good reviews…maybe. I can dream.

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