Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2017

Fringe Diary – Day 4: Room with a Preview


The day finally arrived . The day of our first preview. The first day of our run. What all the nerves, excitement, and relentless rehearsals has been leading to. It’s been a long road, but in a lot of ways a fun one. Now to get as much out of these next two weeks of performing as we can. We’ve got this.

Today was also the day we started that most noble of Edinburgh activities; Flyering. No one gets anywhere at the Fringe without flyering, and you have to do it right. Find a few stock phrases that work and repeat them ad nauseum to every and any likely looking persons that pass you by. Part of it is all about sussing out from a distance which people are likely to accept your flyer. Given some of the more mature aspects of our show, we typically avoid attempting to pitch to parents with children, it just wastes the time of all involved really. There’s also a part of me that feels a little awkward attempting to flyer to the more elderly Fringe-goers. Something about cheerily calling our “We Are All Going to Die!” to anyone above the age of seventy just seems a bit insensitive.

I managed a fair bit of flyer-swapping with other performers as well, made the beginnings of some new friends and ran into a couple old ones. It was a lovely feeling to reacquaint myself with this section of the Royal Mile at Fringe; it remains a place and time where I get a unique sense of rightness and belonging.

Finally, in the evening, the time was upon us. We made our way to venue, set up our set, and performed our first preview to a audience of…3. It’s better than nothing, especially for a preview. They gave us hardly any audible laughter,  which was a little disheartening but, as Jake reminded us, laughter is a communal thing. We can only hope that once we manage to attract in larger numbers, the little titters may blossom into big belly-laughs. (Provided we are indeed as funny as we think we are).

If you’re at Fringe and want to help us get those numbers up, then there’s any easy way to do it. COME SEE US! 😀



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