Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2017

Fringe Diary – Day 6: Selling Out


That’s it. Previews done. Opening Night here. And guess what, we only went and sold out! 😀 Thaleia only knows how, but we did. Luckily enough, this was also the night Broadway Baby were scheduled to come see us (famous last words, as it turns out, but more on that later).

The earlier part of the day included another morning readthrough, followed by yet more flyering. I was able to catch two pretty good shows in that time from two sister companies, The Shakespeares: Scenes from a Marriage, and Noose Women,which left me in a good mood for the performance later.

I managed to pop home in between and have a little bit of dinner. I think it was pasta on this occasion. Soon enough the time came to uber back to the Mile and flyer for another hour or so before the time to act arrived again.

The performance came along, and went damn well, judging by audience reaction at any rate. Once we were done a friend and I made our way over the Pleasance Court to take in the weekly late night drag version of Murder She Didn’t Write, one of the best improv shows (and probably one of the best shows full stop) at Fringe.

The next day had the promise of two apparently good original musicals, so I laid my head down with contentment and eagerness to wake the next day.



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