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Fringe Diary – Day 7: Musical Madness


Ah, original musicals; always ones of my favourite type of shows to take in at Fringe, and always a little bit of a gamble. Musicals are wonderful if you get them right, but oh so easy to get wrong.

A group of us committed ourselves to seeing two of these original musicals that day, and were optimistic from the descriptions. The first, Buried, surpassed our expectations, and is among my favourite shows I’ve seen so far. A musical about serial killers in love, definitely an original idea, and by Dionysus does it ever work!

The second musical, Communism: The Musical, was, well, disappointing. It just fell very short of our expectations and felt extremely amateur. Especially in comparison to the quality of the production we had seen before it. Afterwards went to Elephant and Bagels, for…well…bagels. Good ones, which took our minds off the awful show we’d just seen. (Well, Dawid liked it but we forgave him for that…eventually).

I don’t believe I did much else that day, other than the standard flyering, stopping into my regular café, and scoping out shows I might want to see at a later point. I think I may have stayed in town until the performance that day, which went as well as they usually do. A good audience who gave a good response.

We remain optimistic about the show, so do give it a look while you still can 🙂






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