Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2017

Fringe Diary – Day 8: Reviewing the Situation


Today was a little bit of a blow and knock to everyone’s confidence. Today, our review from Broadway Baby dropped…and it was not good. At all.

1 star. 1. Suffice it to say everyone was a little taken aback. Yes, we’re hardly ground-breaking comedy, but we’ve never claimed to be. We’re a fun, silly little show full of puns and corpses. We’ve never claimed to be about in-depth character development, complex plot, and dramatic tension either which, oddly, seemed to be the context the reviewer critiqued us in. Given the complete misinterpretation this review took, I, and others, have elected to ignore it.

We also took in another showing of Murder She Didn’t Write today; the day show this time. There is a little something missing when it’s not in drag but it’s no less hilarious for that. Sadly it was only after we’d seen the show that the review dropped but I think our positive attitude following the show helped us to deal with it all the same.

By this time it was gone six o’clock, so little point in going back to the house as we’d have to leave as soon as getting in. We stopped into different café for a relatively unimpressive bit of food and drink before hitting the mile again for more pre-show flyering.

Again the show went well, and the audience laughed all the way through (despite what the reviewer might have thought of it).

Come judge it for yourself. After all, it can’t be as bad as they said.



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