Fringe Diary

Fringe Diary – Day 9: Are you ‘avin a caff?


A fairly sedate day, as Fringe days go.

On a whim, I managed to catch the final showing of a play called Party. I’m more than glad I did. It’s now ranking as one of the best shows I’ve seen so far. On a high from that, I moved on to the Mile and managed to divest myself of the majority of my stack of flyers.

That done, I retired unto my favourite cafe and spent much of the rest of the day in there, typing up reviews of some of the shows I had seen. There’s still more to do, but I’ve promised myself I will do them. Got to keep at this writing lark, I’ve no excuse not to while I’m still unemployed.

Frazer joined me after a while, and eventually Dawid too. We spent a little while more there, laughing, talking, and making vague plans for next year’s Fringe, before leaving to fulfill our pre-show flyering duties. Frazer is often particularly good at grabbing people’s attention, primarily due to his loudness and force of personality.

The audience this night was a little smaller than usual, but highly enthusiastic. A decent percentage of comprised various representatives of the Bolton clan who, being kin with Jake, share his (and thus the show’s) sense of humour. There were also a few Americans in the front row who gave us some of the best laughs we’ve had all run, which is always encouraging.

While some of the others went to see a show, another group of us again opted to return home and rest. We ordered a fairly disappointing takeaway which nonetheless provided sustenance, and eventually went to bed once again ready for a new day of more of the same.





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