3.5⭐ · Fringe Reviews 2017 · Reviews · Theatre Reviews

REVIEW: ‘Honestly’ by The Television Workshop

3.5 Stars

Witty, engaging, and (appropriately enough) honest, this show provides five stark and unsugared monologues, interspersed with the immortal music of the Spice Girls.

While the monologues speak to a familiar zeitgeist of the modern young female, and gay male, experience there is a unique tinge to each story that allows this piece to mark itself out in the crowd. The style and presentation too make it memorable, with a deliberate and effective dissonance between the campy dress and music, and the more dramatic, blunt content of the monologues themselves.

Baby Spice’s is the strongest and most insightful in terms of writing, while Ginger’s is the strongest in delivery with great comic and dramatic talent. Scary’s packs a powerful and sincere punch, and Posh’s makes for a thoughtful finish. Sporty’s is the least coherent of the five but is still executed emotionally and with enough skill to keep up with the others.

I enjoyed the musical aspect of the piece though thought the performers needed to make a more definite decision as to whether they really were going to sing along or not. Baby was clearly the strongest and most confident vocalist of the group, while the others seemed much more hesitant in tackling the singing.

All in all, this was a strong and enjoyable theatrical piece, and all involved should be proud of what they’ve created and for telling these stories with such admirable candour and honesty.

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