Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2017

Fringe Diary – Day 10: Kiwiunited


Today was a good day show-wise.

Only managed to take in two of them but they were both fabulous, and rather different from one another.

The first was a magnificent and enchanting little puppet show, The Road That Wasn’t There, from a New Zealand company. Frazer joked to Talia (herself of New Zealand origin in case you’ve forgotten) that “Oh Talia, you might know them”, prompting a standard “Shut up, Frazer” in response.

It was only after the show was over the show was over, and she’d briefly conversed with one of the performers, that Talia admitted quietly to me “Yeah, I do know him, actually.”

Following that, the three of us made our way to BRGR, far and away the best burger establishment in Edinburgh, and had a highly satisfying lunch, even if I was checking my watch most of the way through. We finished our food, paid, and sped off to Pleasance Dome in good time to watch Education, Education, Education, the show that had been at the top of my Fringe viewing list for months. It did not disappoint.

The rest of the day was spent, by Frazer and myself anyway, in the Coffee House on the Mile, which has become my go-to place for a cup of tea and somewhere to sit. When the time came, we left and flyered for the hour before the show as has become our custom.

It went down pretty well. The audience weren’t huge but they laughed a lot. There was a slight flub of lines on the ever-loveable Toby’s behalf wherein he ended up asserting that David Bowie had played the part of Snape in Harry Potter. We all managed to improvise around it and I think we got away with it. Another show done, we returned home as per and went to bed not long there after. 



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