Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2017

Fringe Diary – Day 11: The Good, the Bad, and the Toastie.


This has been my best day for shows, numbers-wise. I managed to fit in five, 80% of which were all pretty great.

We started somewhat earlier than usual; out of the house before twelve, I don’t how my body handled it. It was well worth the shock to my system though. Games and After Liverpool is one of the top shows I’ve seen thus far, with a superb cast. All gratitude is due to Frazer for dragging me along with the first place. Once that was done, I bade goodbye to Frazer and Dawid, and dashed off to meet Talia for Impromptu Shakespeare. Due to some issue with her google maps, Talia got incredibly lost and almost caused us to miss the show. …I wish we had. For a full of account as to the trainwreck that was that performance, follow the link above.

Needing something to help us forget it, we made our way over to where Talia was due to see her next show with Frazer, and availed ourselves of a nearby toastie van. Mine contained pulled pork and was most satisfactory. Frazer arrived, and I left the two to go and find some shows of my own to see. I ended up settling on Honestly, reuniting with Dawid, which proved far, far better than what I’d had to sit through earlier and put me in a much more optimistic mood for future shows.

I stuck with after Dawid afterwards and we moved on to Cream Tea and Incest, a show that was just as rib-crackingly hilarious as the title might indicate. This more than made up for having to sit through Impromptu before and fully restored my faith in Fringe and Fringe shows.

The show that night was pretty damn good, the best we’ve done it I think, and one of the best audiences we’ve had in terms of size and response. They laughed an encouraging amount and some gave positive comments afterwards. We came out of the venue that night feeling pretty good, and I thus had the energy to once again join Dawid in seeing a show. This time, it was Cherry, a show about virginity. It turned out to be one of the best things I’ve seen this year, and I would enthusiastically encourage anyone that reads this to put it on their list.

That done, we joined Toby, Emily, and some others for a drink at the nearest Weatherspoons (Dawid’s natural habitat) which culminated in us eventually moving for an hour or so to a pleasant club/bar on called Bar Bados. We returned home, put heads to pillows and slept. 



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