Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2017

Fringe Diary – Day 12: Laramie and Lethargy


A day of minimal activity truth be told.

I spent most of it either flyering on the Mile or sitting in the same cafe I’m at now. It’s become my standard spot for typing up reviews and Fringe Diaries. (It helps that we get 20% discounts here for being Fringe participants). 

My only deviation from this occupation was taking advantage of the final chance to see The Laramie Project, a show that had the day before won a Bobby Award from Broadway Baby and that some of the others had told me was a must see. It was indeed powerful, and I left it impressed by all involved.

I returned back to the cafe and resumed my earlier inactivity. At some point or another I started flyering again, bought a highly overpriced currywurst hotdog, and then moved to the venue in time to perform once again. 

The audience this time was small, but responded well, and all told it was a good performance from everyone. That night was Sade’s birthday, so we all acknowledged it with a small cake and expressions of affection, before leaving her to spend time with her visiting friends and retiring to our beds. 



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