Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2017

Fringe Diary – Day 13: Night Off from Living Dead


Everyone had been quite looking forward to this. Our night off – so a day where we had no obligation to flyer or worry about getting to the venue in time. A rest from acting which, much as we love it, can get a bit wearisome. 

Today was also the day that Frazer’s mother arrived in town, planning to see the show when we resumed the next day. A friendly and pleasant woman, she kindly treated both him and myself to dinner which was delightful. As an unemployed recent graduate, there is nothing I appreciate more than free food. 

Little more happened that day that I can recall. I think I used it to catch up on reviews, and checking over my finances (depressing but has to be done).

Come evening, Frazer, Dawid, and I went (for the third time) to see Murder She Didn’t Write, this time the drag-version again. We all agreed that this particular iteration of the show was the funniest any of us had yet seen.

After that, the day concluded in the usual manner. Back to the house, and back to bed, ready to resume flyering and performing the next day.



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