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REVIEW: ‘Me, as a Penguin’ by Exeter University Theatre Company

3 Stars

This show was fine. Well maybe a little better than fine. Good. The script is an established one, and this company does a decent job with it. I think, it’s the play itself I found difficult to engage with, and the parts I did engage with were the directly responsibility of the talented cast.

The cast make these characters engaging, natural, and either likable or dislikable depending on what they were going for. The main actor, in the role of Stitch, is a particular talent and keeps the story afloat with his earnest and enjoyable portrayal of the character. The actress portraying his sister is likewise an impressive character-actress, and the entire cast have a strong chemistry with each other that keeps things moving despite the somewhat lacklustre story they have to work with.

I’m really not sure what else I can say about this. The cast are good. The staging is good. The direction was evidently good. I just wished they’d chosen a better script, a script that would have allowed this cast to show off their talents far better.

As it is, I would still recommend this production, it’s an enjoyable watch, and the cast and crew deserve commendation for the effort and skill they’ve put into it.




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