Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2017

Fringe Diary – Day 17: Drag and Racing


Another standard Fringe Day I suppose. 

I went into town, flyered, sat in the cafe, and eventually maneuvered myself over to the Meadows in order to see Courtney Act with Dawid and Frazer, which we were all very excited about. The excitement was justified; the girl from Oz delivered. 

When the show was done, we decided to depart from our BRGR tradition, and took in a Cheeky Nandos before our own show. I only indulge in Nandos occasionally, but whenever I do, I have to admit I generally leave feeling appropriately full of good quality chicken. 

From there, we strolled to our venue on North Bridge in time for another performance. Now, I’d been planning a slightly ambitious endeavour for some time. Two years prior, I had seen a brilliant original musical called Scarlett Lane, easily one of the best things I’d seen that Fringe. This year they were back with a new musical, Cashmere. The only trouble was it started just about the same time we finished, and was over on Infirmary Street. That wasn’t going to stop me, I’d promised myself that I would see that show one way or another. On this night we managed to get going a little ahead of schedule, so I knew that if there’s was going to be any night I might be able to make it, it was this. 

The moment the bows were ended, I grabbed what items I needed from the box, and bolted (with a Frazer in tow) out of the hotel and down South Bridge to Infirmary Street to Cashmere. We made it. Just. We got there with some minutes to spare, but a delay in the queue meant we ended up missing the beginning of the first number, but only the very beginning. We were rewarded for our dash. It was phenomenal. Just as phenomenal as I hoped it would be. I’m glad we ran.   

That done, we said hello to some of the cast, and gushed over their performance before moving over the George Square, where Frazer retrieved his phone from Talia, and departed, whilst I stayed to see a show with her and Tasmin. The show in question was the special one-night charity version of the Jane Austen improv show, Austentatious. This special version was performed in drag, and known as Crosstentatious. It was amazing. I can say no more (until I write the review anyway).

We made our way home, and from there to bed. Another Fringe day well spent.



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