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REVIEW: ‘Fix’ by Worklight Theatre

3.5 Stars

This was something rather different to anything I’d seen before. Part play, part singalong, part educational lecture. Somehow, these three things, for the large part, work together.

The three performers make a delightful trio, that play off and around each other in a pleasingly well-polished routine. The songs are simple, sweet, and memorable; the one about dopamine in particular is still stuck in my head. The content, though, is serious and gives just as much weight to its subject matter as is due. It does not make light of or mock addiction but presents it in an accessible, informal manner. Β The whole atmosphere of the performance is very relaxed, and easy-going and gives more the feeling of being gathered with friends in a living room than of attending a show. This works massively in the performance’s favour, engaging and inviting the audience into the stories it wants to tell.

The trio have a strong chemistry that allows them to work excellently as a unit, and all are highly capable performers, as well as musicians. The male member of the trio particularly is able to shift seamlessly between his performer persona and a highly contrasting and distinct character.

There are a few occasions where the performance drags and struggles to fill its time slot, as well as other times it feels as if they fall a little short of hitting the emotional notes they should. As a whole, I would say the production needs to do a little more, and reach a little further in order to unlock it’s full potential. It remains probably the most unique Fringe show I’ve seen this year but probably could do so much more with that uniqueness if it explored it’s parameters a little more.

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