Fringe Diary 2017

Fringe Diary – Day 21: Dawe Goodbye


Another day, another set of departures.

Dawid (or Dawe, depending on what mood we’re in) left to catch a 9 o’clock coach, making all our lives a little duller. Toby and Emily, really a delightful couple whom glad I had the chance to get to know, left not long thereafter by car.

And then there were 3.

I went to town, just to get out the house really, and spent much of it the cafe, trying to write and not always succeeding. Later on I had a pleasing dinner with Jake over at Red Box Noodle Bar, before we split ways to see seperate shows.

I wasn’t sure what I was seeing, I meandered around various Space venues trying to find something interesting that I, with my Space pass, could see for free. I eventually settled on Elegy for an Echo over at Jury’s Inn, finding myself as one of only two people in the audience. This was a criminally small number of people given the show’s quality as I would later ascertain. I lingered to congratulate the cast on a job very well done, and then moved on.

I made my way home after and (guess what?) rested. Yup.

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