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Fringe Diary – Day 25: Fringenale


And so the last full day of my 2017 Fringe Adventure dawned. Came quite suddenly really, although the last week has been the longest. The time when we were performing just zipped right by.

Frazer and I made our way out the house in the late afternoon, to find some last good shows to see. On the way we ticked a final item off my to-do list, and stopped into Baget Stuffed, an establishment I have visited during both my previous Fringes and one I have made a promise to myself I will visit every time I return. It is (in my view anyway) the best damn sandwich shop in Edinburgh. My go-to order of a Chicken Madras and Mozzarella Panini never disappoints my tastebuds.

We eventually got to our intended venue, only to find the show we’d hoped to see was sold out. A little disappointed, we instead went a-searching round the other Space venues, and found ourselves at Jury’s Inn, watching a one-man show called #Vile. It was definitely worth the time we spent on it, and a worthy replacement for the show we’d originally planned.

Once finished there, we journeyed back to the Mile in order to have one last hot drink at my favourite cafe, The Coffee House. I’ve spent many happy hours in there this year, writing posts for this blog with a classic tea and a cake. It’s a comforting, cosy place, with a very friendly staff, and really is one of the things I’ll miss most about Edinburgh.

(You can see me enjoying that last tea in the picture below): 


Between sips of our drinks, we trawled through the Fringe website, looking for shows starting soon at Space Venues. After some deliberation we settled on Angels in Erotica over at Surgeons Hall. Another good chance decision. Beautifully silly, beautifully gay, beautiful cast members. This show had a lot going for it.

From there it was just around the corner to SpaceTriplex to catch another random suggestion, Adulting. This show proved relaxed, friendly, relatable and insightful and a good penultimate watch for the pair of us.

To end our night, and our Fringe-show-watching experience, I chose to take Frazer to another performance of Loose Cannon Theatre’s Cherry which I had raved to him about before. He was just impressed as I had been the first time (as was I), and we lingered afterwards to gush to the cast and sing their praises. I’ve seen thirty-eight shows this Fringe, and Frazer, thirty-seven. We both agree that Cherry might be a real contender for the top spot on our respective lists. 

I really am glad that I finished this Fringe on a rewatch of this wonderful production. 

We walked back from town to the house for the last time, saying goodbye to random buildings as we went, and set about cleaning up the place in preparation for our departure the next day.

It wasn’t until late the next morning I got a chance to sleep…


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