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REVIEW: ‘Courtney Act: The Girl from Oz’ by Courtney Act

4 Stars

I don’t normally see ‘famous’ people’s shows at Fringe. I generally prefer to steer clear of big names and focus on amateur or start-up performers and companies as being more inline with what I feel the Edinburgh Fringe is about.

Sometimes, however, there are some big names that are so in the spirit of the Fringe that you can’t help but be tempted, and I think I can make an exception to my “No Celebrities” rule for drag queens. In this instance I didn’t really have a choice. My friend rang me up and stated “I’ve bought you a ticket to Courtney Act on Thursday. You owe me Β£13.” So I went.


…how to review Courtney Act?

She knows how to perform, that’s for certain. The show is every bit as funny, fabulous, and camp as you could hope for. There’s a wonderful repertoire of songs, (girl got pipes after all), some delightfully shady jokes, and a few sincere, warm, and honest moments. In short, it’s everything you would expect from Courtney Act. She is a consummate performer, and an engaging one who connects with her audience and clearly has a great deal of respect and appreciation for them. She knows just how to play to a crowd and give them exactly what they’ve come for.

This may not have been my usual kind of Fringe show, but hell, this would hardly be the first or last drag show I’d seen this year, and the more RuPaul’s Drag Race references one can fit into the day, the better.

What’s more, Dawid, who rushed for the queue to meet Miss Act, informed us that she was indeed just a friendly and personable up close. So we’ll leave you with this image of Dawid in possibly one of the best moments of his young life:



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