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REVIEW: ‘Adulting’ by Spilt Milk

*Note: The following review was written over two months after the fact due to writer’s block and my being a disaster of a person.*

4 Stars

Of all the show’s I saw at the 2017 Fringe, this one probably had to most relaxed and casual atmosphere. It essentially comprised an hour of four young friends musing on what it means to be an adult.

It resonates, especially with people at my stage in life. I’m by all technical definitions an adult, (I’m 24 for f**k’s sake) and yet I still don’t feel like a fully-fledged grown up. I probably would be self-sufficient if I had an independent reliable income but that’s something I’ve yet to acquire in my post-post-graduate existence. Anyway I’m digressing.

The nature of this show made it a very ‘real’ experience, less like a show and more like an incredibly informal seminar. There was the strong sense of friendship and familiarity between the four cast-members that made their particular interplay and conversation highly compelling, but also a general open and welcoming vibe that allowed the audience to feel a part of the proceedings and discourse.

The show was sure to keep the audience engaged and involved in the performance from beginning to end, so that we never felt detached or distanced from what we were watching. It kept the audience very close to the chest and relied upon their ongoing response and reaction to work. The audience were valued in a very unique manner among Fringe shows, and it made for a very comfortable and easygoing viewing experience.

This was the penultimate show I saw at Fringe 2017, and the last I hadn’t already seen. It really was a great show to see just as things were winding down and I was set to return to normality and everyday adult responsibility. Some of the things brought up during the show are still playing on my mind today as I continue to job-hunt, borrow money and food, and generally meander my way through my mid-twenties, but it’s made feel a little less lonely in doing so. 

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