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Edinburgh Fringe 2017: Show Rankings

Nearly four months have passed since the end of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017, and I have only now (for a variety of reasons but largely my own shortcomings) finished the last of my reviews.

That done, I have finally been able to compile my official list of all thirty-eight shows I saw, ranked in descending order of what I, purely in my own personal view, considered the best:

  1. Cherry by Loose Cannon Theatre 5 Stars
  2. Education, Education, Education by The Wardrobe Ensemble 5 Stars
  3. Cream Tea and Incest by Benjamin Alborough 5 Stars
  4. Murder She Didn’t Write by Degrees of Error 5 Stars
  5. The Gun Show by CoHo Productions 5 Stars
  6. Follow Suit by Silent Faces 5 Stars
  7. Cashmere by October Boy Productions 5 Stars
  8. Crosstentatious by Austentatious 5 Stars
  9. Lord Dismiss Us by Boys of the Empire Productions 5 Stars
  10. Party by Ball Pit Theatre 4.5 Stars
  11. Games and After Liverpool by blind elephant 4.5 Stars
  12. Elegy for an Echo by Gin & Chronic Theatre Company 4.5 Stars
  13. #Instalove by Catherine Duquette 4.5 Stars
  14. Buried: A New Musical by Colla Voce Theatre 4.5 Stars
  15. Maklena by Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club 4.5 Stars
  16. Best Play Ever by Delicious Theatre 4.5 Stars
  17. The Road That Wasn’t There by Trick of the Light / Zanetti Productions 4 Stars
  18. The Writers’ Room by Degrees of Error 4 Stars
  19. Adulting by Spilt Milk 4 Stars
  20. Shit-Faced Shakespeare: R&J by Magnificent Bastard Productions. 4 Stars
  21. 12 by 3BUGS Fringe Theatre and UoB LGBTQ Association 4 Stars
  22. Angels in Erotica by Phoenix Theatre Company 4 Stars
  23. Side Orders by Antonym Theatre 4 Stars
  24. Noose Women by Bear Faced Moon Company and New Celts Productions 4 Stars
  25. Courtney Act: The Girl from Oz by Courtney Act 4 Stars
  26. The Laramie Project by The Italia Conti Ensemble 4 Stars
  27. Changelings by Pucqui Collaborative  3.5 Stars
  28. Fix by Worklight Theatre 3.5 Stars
  29. Honestly by The Television Workshop 3.5 Stars
  30. The Shakespeares: Scenes from a Marriage by Story Board Theatre 3.5 Stars
  31. Death by Shakespeare by Hurly Burly 3.5 Stars
  32. Shit-Faced Showtime: Wizard of Oz by Magnificent Bastard Productions 3.5 Stars
  33. #Vile by Wound Up Theatre 3 Stars
  34. Me, as a Penguin by Exeter University Theatre Company  3 Stars
  35. Wishing on a Stopgap by Newcastle University Theatre Society  2 Stars
  36. Communism: The Musical! by Lancaster Offshoots 2 Stars
  37. Bacchae by Flying Pig Theatre Company 1.5 Star
  38. Impromptu Shakespeare by KPS Productions 1 Star



And now for the first time on this blog, I include (at his insistence) Frazer’s in-depth review of the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe:

“Yeah it was alright.”

Thank you, Frazer.



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