Fringe Reviews 2018

Fringe Reviews

As per usual (apart from 2016 when stuff went a little awry), I’ll be endeavouring to write a review for every show I see at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

It’s one of my favourite things about the festival now, and it gives me the opportunity to keep my writing muscles flexed and in practice. 

If anyone reading this happens to be taking a show to Edinburgh this year and would like me to include it in my reviews then do drop me an email with a press release at:

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Fringe Diary 2018

The Edinburgh Fringe Approaches!

Another year, another Fringe show…

I adore the Edinburgh Fringe. I adore being part of a production, I adore seeing others, I adore Edinburgh as a city, I adore the whole atmosphere of the Fringe.

It’s why I keep going back (even though I fear this one may be my last for a while but we’ll deal with that later).

Last year’s play (which you can read all about in the 2017 Fringe diary) was the best one I’ve been part of yet, and I have high hopes to the one I’m part of this year. I’m back to writing and directing again, this time for a comedy (which is a nice change of pace for me given my usual morose style). I’ve both co-written and am co-directing this play with my dear friend, Frazer (who you’ll remember from last year’s entries, probably) for our new company, UnderOwl Theatre! 

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