Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2018

Fringe Diary ’18 – Day 0: Coach-Hella


August is here and it’s Fringe time again! This time I’m writing and directing again, in partnership with my flatmate this year, Frazer (even if everyone kind of knows I have more power but we’ll leave it there). This year’s show is Upcastle Downcastle,  a ‘pantomime for grownups’. It’s been a lot of fun to write, direct, and perform, and with the cast we have, I’ve high hopes for this being another fun adventure in Edinburgh.

We had a 6:50 departure, and I eventually opted to forgo sleep the night prior to leaving, in order to properly pack and so forth. Once it reached 3am it was clear there was no point in trying to get any kind of shut-eye. Laden with bags (the props were my responsibility this time) I made my gradual painful way to the coach station where I soon collected together Connor, Nim, and Justin (King Arthur, The Tech, and Lancelot). We boarded the coach and set off northward. Justin and I passed time by watching Tangled on his tablet and then falling asleep watching Inside Out. We awoke in Bristol, where we briefly de-coached to scoop up Luke, Nancy, and Liam (Buttons, Merlin, and Rod) and thus the full coach contingent were assembled.

From here I switched to sitting with Nancy, who’s awfulness as a person compliments my own enough for us to have a firm and hilarious friendship. We had a brief 1-hour changeover at Birmingham Coach Station but on the whole the 14 and a 1/2 hour journey passed by quicker for me than it ever has. We made our cheery way off the coach at 9:30pm and began a leisurely stroll to our accommodation. It wasn’t strictly speaking a bad walk but heavy with bags as we were, and given the darkness and badly-timed rain, it was a good hour or so before we reached our final destination. I am sorry for putting them through that. It’s a nice little flat though, and it will serve delightfully as our base of operations for our Fringing. 

Our own dear Frazer was there too meet us, and we all a a chill little chat and cool-off from the long long journey before heading to our respective rooms and beds. 8 out of 11 people here, and those 8 are all ready for their first day of Fringe in the morning. 😀 

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