Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2018

Fringe Diary ’18 – Day 2: Burgers, Parcels, and Incest


The morning started much the same as mornings do here: rolling out of bed, chatting in the living room for a fashion, and then mustering the energy to get ready and make our way into town. I went a little ahead of everyone else this time, bought a couple of eye-patches from a costume shop and then stopped by my favourite coffee shop on the Mile for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. I also had a lovely chat with a friendly stranger who let me share her table (one of the best things about Fringe is easily befriending strangers). 

Come about 3 o’clock I zoomed back around to Surgeons’ Hall to meet the others. The others being Nancy, Justin, Jenna, Liam, Connor, and our visiting friend, Brazilian-Tom (which we call him to differentiate from OG-Tom, who we knew first and is therefor mostly just called ‘Tom’). We then took in two shows back-to-back, Face 2 Face, and Apocalypse Cow. We broke for Lunch after, with Liam and B-Tom going there own way, and the remaining 5 opting for BRGR (still, I think, one the finest burger establishments in Edinburgh). Burgers having been devoured, we settled on Cream Tea and Incest for our next show. I’d seen the production last year and it was one of my favourites, so the others were eager to go on my recommendation. It very much kept up to its old standard, as I shall go into later.

Leaving the rest of the team in town to see other things, Nancy and I made our way back to the flat, taking an extended detour to pick up a parcel from an Amazon locker. The parcel in question was two single airbeds. (We still don’t have a pump to inflate them as that’s coming tomorrow but whatever 😂 ). 

We brought the parcel back here anyway, and resumed the usual evening activity of chatting and swapping unfortunate personal stories (of which Nancy has many and continues to actively make more). OG-Tom had arrived in the meanwhile, and gone straight out to join some of the others for a drink or several. He just walked in the door as I was typing this as it happens, looking a little exhausted and has now gone to bed.

We’re still waiting on the final member of the cast, beautiful Jamie, who is currently stuck on a train still about an hour and a half from getting to the city. Who knows when he’ll get here but I’ll wait up for the poor lad. Gives me a chance to catch up on some writing for this blog so it’s all good. 

G’night all, and roll on tomorrow.


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