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REVIEW: ‘Blind Mirth’ by Blind Mirth

3.5 Stars

(from the show viewed on 03/08/2018)

Everyone loves a good bit of improv, and this was the first piece of ‘straight’ improv with no extra augmentations that I’ve seen for a while. It was refreshing and relaxing to just enjoy a bit of simple good old-fashioned improvisation from a group with a knack for it.

I won’t say it’s the best improv I’ve seen. I’ve seen a lot better, but it’s still pretty great improv. Almost all the members are competent and confident improvisers with a strong understanding of how this entertainment-form is meant to work. One or two of the group could occasionally be a little spotlight-grabby but for the most part they were respectful of each other and were able to build scenes and humour as a unit. 

With a clear set routine of games and segments, there was a stability to it which good improv shows need to keep from going to far off the rails. My favourite of these was the interrogation game, even when I, being the dick that I am, tasked them with conveying “assassinating Tina Turner” to another member urely through puns. I must admit, they did an admirable job.

The final long-form segment of building a piece from the description on a random flyer is a tried and tested EdFringe improv technique which, on this occasion, Blind Mirth did to fairly hilarious effect. I’m still giggling to myself thinking  about the pigeon.

If you like improv, and are planning to see improv this Fringe this is definitely one of the improv shows worth taking in.


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