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Fringe Diary ’18 – Day 3: Jamie Beaucoup


So I suppose you’re wondering…did Jamie make it to Edinburgh okay???

The answer…

Yes. Yes he did. At 4-f**king-30am in the morning. The double airbed and pump are still in transit from our good friends at Amazon (praise be to Bazos), so Jamie squeezed into the double with Nancy and I. Which was fine. Totally fine. He doesn’t snore at all…


All our cast at last here, we had sit-down read-through of the script that morning to refresh everyone’s memories. It went well, we had several moments where we broke down, going off on tangents, but this cast of twats are just like that. And I love them for it. 

I spent a lot of this day inside, typing up reviews and so forth, eventually heading into town somewhere corresponding to 7pm to watch Cream Tea and Incest for a second time (well technically a third time if you count last year – it’s just that good). Following another hilarious round of that, we trundled over to theSpace on the Mile for Greyhounds, probably the best period drama I’ve seen at Fringe but I’ll go into that in another post. I had a drink with Tom, Liam, and Brazilian-Tom outside Niddry Street, Brazilian-Tom eventually departing to leave Edinburgh and break our hearts. The wider group’s attempts to see Sweeney Todd ultimately failing, we opted for Warwick Improv’s Anything You Want, the best improv show I’ve seen this year. 

After making friendies with the cast, we trekked back through the Meadows, as per usual, where we saw a cat murder a mouse, and returned home for a more lovely sleeps-sleeps.

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