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REVIEW: ‘Bad Dog’ by University of York DramaSoc

3.5 Stars

This piece is, it has to be said, a little slow to start, but once it gets to the point, it does it pretty well.

It’s a very powerful character piece, and the two actresses are two incredibly talented performance. I can’t fault them for how well they craft and chillingly execute the sisters, Grace and Eve, as characters. The tone and atmosphere is appropriately sinister and unsettling, and I absolutely adored the staging of it.

I feel this show is however, a little misadvertised. It brands itself as a “horror” but a horror, I’m afraid, it is not. What I would term it, I’m not quite sure. Probably something along the lines of “psychological drama” or “psychological tragedy”. I suppose “horror” is a better buzzword that’s easier to sell but still, I don’t think it appropriate to describe this show.

The script does do a very good job of building tension and slowly drip-feeding information to the audience until the final awful penny drops. Ashley Milne has largely  done an excellent job with the script. There are parts where it slowed down, and I zoned out a little but it always pulled itself back on track on the way to a satisfying conclusion. Some trimming and redrafting might be good to help keep that tension from dipping but it wouldn’t take much. 

This play is probably worth seeing if you’re into something psychological and character-based. It needs to take some time to work out exactly what it is and what it wants to do but with a stronger sense of identity, this play could been even more powerful and impactful than it already is.  


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