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REVIEW: ‘Prophets of Imperfection’ by Captain Cane and Brace Boy

1 Star

This show was, I’m sad to say, really just pretty boring. 

It felt like there was no real point to any of it. The structure was near non-existent, the content pretty meaningless, and the delivery awkward. It came across as poorly-planned and unrehearsed from the outset, and only got more so as things progressed. A few parts even felt rather in bad-taste, and not in the way you would anticipate going in. 

The show seems to style itself as one that talks about taboo or unspoken topics around disability, but when it comes down it, this show doesn’t really say anything new or particularly important. The two performers lack essential chemistry to make their double act work which just leads to either cutting across each other or long protracted silences.

It’s a shame. These two performers seem like very nice people on a personal level, but this show unfortunately just didn’t really work on any important theatre or comedy level, to the point where I can’t even think of any further reasons why I didn’t like it. There’s just not much there to talk about. 



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