Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2018

Fringe Diary ’18 – Day 4:


A good day for shows this one. Managed to get five all in all. 

On the way in, I took my friends by my favourite café, The Coffee House on the mile, and procured an alcoholic hot chocolate. Our first show of the day was Bad Dog at theSpace on the Mile, followed by Prophets of Imperfection at Surgeon’s. The former was pretty decent, the latter was awful.

We had lunch courtesy of KFC and a nice sit-down in Nicholson Square Gardens before returning to Surgeon’s for Tom, Liam, and Jamie to see Cream Tea and Incest. Nancy and I sat outside and went in on a bottle of Prosecco while we waited for them. 

They emerged and continued to drink with us for a further hour or so until the time came for The Last Sesh, one of my most anticipated shows of this year. That anticipation was very much satisfied by the way. We zipped straight out of that into Sweeney Todd in the same building and were once again not disappointed.  

We chatted to the cast briefly and went home in high spirits as per usual.

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