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REVIEW: ‘Banging and Screwing’ by Leggy Blonde Productions

0.5 star

This show stole 50 minutes of my life and I want them back. 

My friend and I were almost literally praying for death after about 5 of those minutes. Every moment of this show is dull, unoriginal, borderline offensive and tone-death in more ways than one.

I found nothing appealing about these two characters, the story, or “creative” new lyrics to popular songs. The performers constantly aggressively push for laughs that aren’t there and perform with a undeserved confidence and sense of accomplishment. There’s satirising certain types of toxic male archetype and then there’s idolising and being an apologist for them. This show, rather than calling out toxic male behaviour, like I’m charitably going to assume it intended, makes light of unfortunate issues such as rape-culture and toxic masculinity in a way that feels disingenuous with mockery and disregard for the seriousness of those issues.

The whole thing felt like the back-up entertainment at a particularly skeevy holiday camp. No amount of plastic hard hats could protect you from just how awful and obnoxious this production is. The only banging and screwing I want to see from this show is banging and screwing all copies of the script into dust. Avoid! Avoid like the plague! 


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