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REVIEW: ‘Absolute Improv’ by To Be Continued…

3 Stars

This improv show was…fine? Yes it was fine. There was nothing particularly outstanding nor terrible about it. It does what it sets out to do and does it relatively well, but there’s nothing that makes this show particularly special amongst improv shows.

All the other improv shows I’ve seen and loved have either had a special quirk to set them out, or have been from a more grassroots origin feel that gives them a nice informal charm.

This show has no particular quirks and somehow feels a tad too professional, for me at least, to have the charm that, for example, the University improv groups have.

The performers are all highly talented in the art of improv but too much of it feels like stuff I’ve seen before for it to stand out amongst improv experiences I’ve had. 

It didn’t help that there were a couple of particularly irritating audience members on this occasion who damn near derailed the entire thing on a few occasions.

I don’t really have much else to say other than this is an enjoyable improv show, and again one I’d recommend but is the improv show at this Fringe that I’ve so far enjoyed least.


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