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REVIEW: ‘Girl World’ by FriskyTheatre

4 Stars

A charmingly bizarre wander into a colourful world of prepubescent imagination, Girl World is one of those shows that executes peculiarity in a manner that seems utterly logical.

The energy and enthusiasm of the two performers for the piece they’ve created is apparent right from the start and radiates throughout. They have a perfect chemistry that helps to bring to life the piece with they’re portrayal of childhood, childhood friendships, and the inner turmoil of entering adolescence being perfectly on point, all while still being as ridiculous as possible. Inga’s actress in particular is a gifted comic performer, having the art of physical comedy mastered and being a perfect boisterous foil to the more understated performance of Tilly’s actress.

The presence of the live musicians is an inspired choice that really helps light up the onstage world, and lends the performance a more personal and authentic tone. The fact that these musicians, in addition to being fabulously dressed, are also visibly invested in the onstage action only adds to this. 

For all its silliness, this show still has an important message to deliver and, in using that same silliness, I think delivers it well. By the end, you do feel rather moved, glad to have you gone with Tilly and Inga on this little journey, and perhaps a little nostalgic for the simpler time of childhood when worlds like Girl World really were all that mattered (though naturally as a cis man, I wouldn’t like to assume or comment too much on that aspect but I speak in general terms). 

A truly unique show and an extremely fun time that still has my friend and I uttering the words “fatmaboona” and “shinbonkin” to each other at random moments, Girl World is a great way relax and let go a little in the evening if you’ve had a bit of a hard day. It’ll have you giggling in no time.


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