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REVIEW: ‘Puffin Island’ by Across the Pond Productions

4 Stars

This show was simple but in being so was sweet, powerful, sensitive, and touching. A brave and honest sharing of a true story of recovery and mutual support. 

Cara Corrigan and Paul Stirrat have done something very admirable and important with this production and I have so much respect for Corrigan in particular for sharing her story, that no one was entitled to, for the sake of spreading awareness of sexual assault and highlighting the importance of recovery. The core of reality to this play is apparent from the start with everything about the relationship between these two performers, and the way they interact, feeling true-to-life in the most heart-charming sense. 

The staging is simple and helps focus the character-driven nature of the piece. These characters can be in Edinburgh, Dublin, or wherever else, and you’ll accept it, because the people, their conversations and their experience, are what you are focused on. It helps that the acting of both parties is strong and engaging enough to transport you to any location they so wish. 

Effects, in terms of sound, are admittedly a little clumsy. Some polishing could be done in that regard, looking at levelling and timing. The soundscape of voices following the assault is extremely effective though a little jarred by the Irish accents attempted by the actors supplying the voiceover. Luckily you mostly forget about the recorded sound in comparison to the powerful and emotive live performances of the onstage couple. 

A piece I’m really glad I got around to seeing after a good couple weeks of trying to schedule it, Puffin Island was, in various places, honest, tear-jerking, adorable, and uplifting. The show as a whole is well worth all the clear earnest effort that was put into it. 




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