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Fringe Reviews are Coming!

Ah, show reviews…

They got away from me again.

Much as I tried to get them all done on time while I was there, I became a little swamped with shows in the last few days and allowed myself to fall rather far behind. I came back down south fully intending to do it all that same week but neglected to account of my Annual September Depression Slump™ which put me out of action with writer’s block until a day or two ago. 

The point is, I’m back on track and am now aiming to complete all remaining reviews over the next week (by the end of the month at the very latest!!). I’ll be writing and uploading in batches, the first of which will go up shortly after this post.

Many huge apologies to all the companies whose reviews I wasn’t able to write up until now (especially those who asked me to come along) and I hope you’ll enjoy them (apart from those of you I’ve slated but there aren’t too many of those…). 

Anyhow, once again, sorry for being a disaster, and I’ll leave now to get back to writing!

–  Chris x

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