Fringe Reviews 2018

Edinburgh Fringe 2018: Show Rankings

Now that those pesky reviews have FINALLY all been written. I can, as is tradition, at last officially rank all 51 shows I saw at this year’s Fringe in descending order from those I enjoyed most to those I enjoyed least.

As ever, just based on my opinions, remember:

  1. ‘The Dip’ by Milk and Blood Theatre
  2. ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Curious Pheasant Theatre
  3. ‘The Woman and the Canvas’ by Theatre Re and Fourth Monkey
  4. ‘Glasgow 14’ by Nags Head Productions
  5. ‘RENT’ by Captivate Theatre
  6. ‘Cream Tea and Incest’ by Benjamin Alborough
  7. ‘Tipping the Velvet’ by Italia Conti Ensemble 2018
  8. ‘Courtney Act: Under the Covers’ by Courtney Act
  9. ‘Kids Play’ by Boys of the Empire Productions
  10. ‘Artificial’ by Split Note Theatre
  11. ‘Rat Race’ by Queen Mary Theatre Company
  12. ‘The Last Sesh’ by Ball Pit Theatre
  13. ‘Sweeney Todd’ by Ethereal Theatre Company
  14. ‘Same Old, Same Oldies’ by Queen Mary Theatre Company
  15. ‘The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee’ by Honeycomb Productions
  16. ‘World in Progress’ by Merde! Theatre Company
  17. ‘Narratively Satisfying’ by Jennifer Lack
  18. ‘Murder She Didn’t Write’ by Degrees of Error
  19. ‘613 Seeds’ by Zoë Sapienza and Philip Lindsey
  20. ‘Number, Please’ by Paprichoo
  21. ‘Greyhounds’ by Time and Again Theatre
  22. ‘The Quest: A Fantasy Musical’ by Questing Vole Productions
  23. ‘Anything You Want’ by Warwick Improv
  24. ‘Girl World’ by FriskyTheatre
  25. ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ by Edinburgh University Shakespeare Company
  26. ‘The Time Machine’ by Gone Rogue Productions
  27. ‘Inferno’ by Wrong Tree Theatre
  28. ‘Lucky’ by Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society
  29. ‘Gayface’ by Seeing Other People Productions
  30. ‘Beaker’s Place’ by Only Lucky Dogs Theatre Company
  31. ‘Puffin Island’ by Across the Pond Productions
  32. ‘Dolly’ by LipZinc Theatre
  33. ‘Apocalypse Cow’ by The Stevenage Lytton Youth Theatre Thursday Group
  34. ‘Deadline’ by Queen Mary Theatre Company
  35. ‘The Shambles’ by Dead Duck Productions
  36. ‘Blind Mirth’ by Blind Mirth
  37. ‘Bad Dog’ by University of York DramaSoc
  38. ‘Sherlock Holmes and the Conundrum of Conan Doyle’ by Quids In Theatre Company
  39. ‘National Killing Day’ by Gingerlee Does It Productions
  40. ‘Isle of Muck’ by Bluetooth Kevin Theatre Company
  41. ‘Macbeth’ by yt2 Theatre Company
  42. ‘Absolute Improv’ by To Be Continued…
  43. ‘Shit-Faced Shakespeare: Hamlet’ by Magnificent Bastard Productions
  44. ‘Love on a Blue Canvas, 1890’ by The Blue Moon Theatre Company
  45. ‘Beep’ by Afterthought Theatre
  46. ‘Face 2 Face’ by Two Stones One Bird
  47. ‘Mission: Her’ by Urban Trendz Theatre
  48. ‘This is Yorkshire’ by The Georgian Theatre Royal Youth Theatre
  49. ‘Reigen’ by Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club
  50. ‘Prophets of Imperfection’ by Captain Cane and Brace Boy
  51. ‘Banging and Screwing’ by Leggy Blonde Productions

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