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REVIEW: ‘Courtney Act: Under the Covers’ by Courtney Act

5 Stars

(Performed in August 2018 – Review published in November 2018)

How could I not give Courtney Act 5 Stars? That girl always f***ing delivers, and she definitely delivered with this show. 

The two times I’ve seen Courtney perform live now, she’s always given not only a thoroughly fun and entertaining show but a very honest and heartfelt one too. The theme of the show, ‘covers’, allowed Courtney to show off what she’s best at, bringing her own unique spin to things, and indeed every cover she performed was a very distinctly Courtney cover, and much more than just a simple rendition of a popular song. Her duet with a recording of her ‘boy-self’, in a mash up of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ and ‘If I were A Boy’, was particularly moving. 

She also relates to an audience so well, always letting them feel part of proceedings, whether it was exchanging banter with the front row, or nonchalantly but brutally shooting down a drunken arsehole in the row behind me. Courtney Act is a performer in every sense of the word, she knows her audience is her greatest asset and never once takes them for granted. And as fun and campy as her show was, she always took time to weave in serious points about identity and self-expression. She hammered home the message of embracing yourself and who you are with all the fierce fabulous fun a drag performer should, and every moment was a delight.

Not much more I can say really, except that Courtney Act truly is one of the greats of her discipline, and any show her by is a show worth seeing.


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