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REVIEW: ‘Cream Tea and Incest’ by Benjamin Alborough

5 Stars

(Performed in August 2018 – Review published in November 2018)

Another show I’ve seen and reviewed before. This year I think I saw it about three times. It became something of a meme amongst my cast this year, it was one of the first shows we saw at this festival, and we were still quoting it to each other up until the coach journey home at the end of the month.

My review from last here can be found here, but I’ll say a couple sentences about this particular production before I finish.

While the main duo of Eddie and Jeffrey remain the same actors as last year, a new pair were brought in to portray Biggins and Wiggins. I think I prefer this year’s Wiggins who brought more comic energy to the role,  and I’m inclined to say that the respective Bigginses of each year equal each other in their wonderfully over-the-top delivery.

The first performance I saw this year, appeared to spectacularly over-run it’s time slot, and so was missing certain scenelets when we came back for a second viewing. Even then it was full of hysterical ad-libs, often drawn out to a painfully funny degree. I said in my review last year that one of this play’s strengths is how well it scripts deliberate chaos, but these actors were also more than capable of expertly improvising around a little hiccups, and also just plain messing with one another for the fun of it.

I’m also legally obligated to include my dear friend, Nancy Bluebell Dowman’s assessment of the show, which is:

“I love absolutely insane people”.

Thank you Nancy.

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