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REVIEW: ‘Murder She Didn’t Write’ by Degrees of Error.

4.5 Stars

(Performed in August 2018 – Review published in November 2018)

I’ve reviewed this company and show last year. And saw them the year before that. I know they’re good. They’re never not good. And I’ve said a lot about why they’re so good, and why Murder She Didn’t Write works so well as a show. But I’ll have a brief go again for this edition.

The new twist I saw from them this year was “Mass Murder She Didn’t Write”, their new late night concept. It’s good to see them still doing things to keep it fresh (even if I did miss the drag a little). Luckily the mass murder concept increased the onstage mayhem five-fold and resulted in yet another beautifully chaotic evening.

The cast remain as strong and talented as every with some of my favourite like Caitlin Campbell, Peter Baker, Tessa Gaukroger, and Lizzy Skrzypiec still being among them. I still don’t think I’ve seen improv talents that have matched them.

For more on my opinions on this show, please see my reviews from last year:


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