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REVIEW: ‘World in Progress’ by Merde! Theatre Company

4.5 Stars

(Performed in August 2018 – Review published in November 2018)

You know? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like that before. I’ve probably called a lot of shows “unique” in my time, but sometimes you see a show that’s so uniquely unique that its unique uniqueliness hangs around in your head for a long while after (more than two months after, at time of finally writing this review). World in Progress really was one of those unique shows, that I’m likely to remember for a long while yet. 

From quaint folk music with pagan overtones to an evangelical gospel bop about the Earth’s impending immolation, and all apparently composed the same astoundingly talented composer, Colm Molloy, there was a delightful smorgasbord of music to be had here. There’s something so beautiful about different voices coming together in harmonious song, and the voices of Nicola Demosthenous, Rosa Lennox, Hannah Baker, Patrick McHugh, and Ben Everett Riley made for some particularly gorgeous harmonies. 

One of my great regrets in life is that I’m not very musical. I adore it but can’t play anything to save my life, and my co-ordination disorder has always made it tricky for me to learn instruments. As such, I am forever in awe of the furious talent and dedication it takes to be as musical as this group were, with each having a flawless command of at least two instruments (by the best of my recollection anyway).

The show had an important underlying message about environmentalism (one we need more than ever what with recent warnings) but never got to preachy about it. It was a celebration of a planet we’ve neglected but nevertheless remains beautiful in its suffering. If nothing else can make you realise we need to save our planet, the way this group be this group sang about it just might.

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