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Fringe Diary ’18 – Day 2: Burgers, Parcels, and Incest


The morning started much the same as mornings do here: rolling out of bed, chatting in the living room for a fashion, and then mustering the energy to get ready and make our way into town. I went a little ahead of everyone else this time, bought a couple of eye-patches from a costume shop and then stopped by my favourite coffee shop on the Mile for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. I also had a lovely chat with a friendly stranger who let me share her table (one of the best things about Fringe is easily befriending strangers). 

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Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2018

Fringe Diary ’18 – Day 0: Coach-Hella


August is here and it’s Fringe time again! This time I’m writing and directing again, in partnership with my flatmate this year, Frazer (even if everyone kind of knows I have more power but we’ll leave it there). This year’s show is Upcastle Downcastle,  a ‘pantomime for grownups’. It’s been a lot of fun to write, direct, and perform, and with the cast we have, I’ve high hopes for this being another fun adventure in Edinburgh.

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Fringe Diary 2018

The Edinburgh Fringe Approaches!

Another year, another Fringe show…

I adore the Edinburgh Fringe. I adore being part of a production, I adore seeing others, I adore Edinburgh as a city, I adore the whole atmosphere of the Fringe.

It’s why I keep going back (even though I fear this one may be my last for a while but we’ll deal with that later).

Last year’s play (which you can read all about in the 2017 Fringe diary) was the best one I’ve been part of yet, and I have high hopes to the one I’m part of this year. I’m back to writing and directing again, this time for a comedy (which is a nice change of pace for me given my usual morose style). I’ve both co-written and am co-directing this play with my dear friend, Frazer (who you’ll remember from last year’s entries, probably) for our new company, UnderOwl Theatre! 

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