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Edinburgh Fringe Shows Ranking 2015

All the shows I saw while at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015, listed in descending order of quality with links to individual reviews:

  1. ‘Dust Never Settles in Torchlight’ by NakedFeet Physical Theatre. –
  2. ‘1972: The Future of Sex’ by The Wardrobe Ensemble –
  3. ‘Scarlett Lane’ by October Boy Productions –
  4. ‘Staircases’ by Antonym Theatre –
  5. ‘Shakespeare’s Avengers Assembleth: Age of Oberon’ by Drake’s Drummers Theatre –
  6. ‘Zanna Don’t’ by The MGA Academy –
  7. ‘Forever House’ by Pentagon Theatre –
  8. ‘Storybook Musical’ by Guild Musical Theatre Group –
  9. ‘Tension Square’ by Chameleon Productions –
  10.  ‘Academy of Risk’ by Stargaze –
  11. ‘Dear Cassandra’/ ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll + Mr Hyde’ by Caramba Theatre –
  12. ‘BED’ by Revolving Shed –
  13. ‘Giving up the Ghost’ by Butterfly with a Bomb Productions –
  14. ‘The Norman Conquests: Round and Round the Garden’ by Thread Theatre –
Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2015

Fringe Diary – 29-30/08/15 – Edinburgh’s End

Well, we did it. We took a show to the Edinburgh Fringe, we had a fantastic time doing it, and we saw all sorts of other wonderful shows in the process. I have few, if any, regrets.

The audience numbers for our final show were rather down from what we’ve usually had but that was probably due to the Military Tattoo stealing away punters from us. Nevertheless, we still had more people watching than we did in the cast and that’s always something good to aspire to. They seemed to enjoy it, and indeed a couple of former mental health professionals in the audience praised the show for its accuracy. That’s definitely something the writer and cast should be proud of.

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Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2015

Fringe Diary – 28/08/15 – Winding Up

Four shows down, one to go. We completed our penultimate performance without a hitch, and closing night is looming over us quite suddenly. I can’t speak for the others but it feels to me as though I’ve been here for a lot longer than I have. I’ve been swept up the in the buzz and atmosphere of the festival, and it’s somewhere I’ve felt very natural and at home. I’ll be sorry to see it end but hopefully fortune will be kind enough to send me back here next year. Continue reading “Fringe Diary – 28/08/15 – Winding Up”

Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2015

Fringe Diary – 27/08/15 – I Believe I Can’t Flyer

This day was a bad day for flyering. The Mile was dead. Deader than the look in Cheryl Cole’s eyes, and it may well be a factor in why we were a little down on audience size in comparison to our first two nights. Still, 22 isn’t bad, and the cast were on form as always, so no matter. We’re still doing what we came here to do; putting on a show and putting it on well. We continue to get positive feedback from audience members each night, so we must be doing something right. Continue reading “Fringe Diary – 27/08/15 – I Believe I Can’t Flyer”

Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2015

Fringe Diary – 26/08/15 – Two for Two

Second day our run and we’re still feeling confident. One advantage of being on rather late is that you have the entire day before hand to exploit for professional and personal purposes. Once again, flyering is a large part of that exploitation, but it proved more a trying task on this day that it had previously. A poor start in terms of weather, even if it did clear up, combined with a midweek placing seemed to put a serious dent in our flyer output. It’s nearing the end of the Fringe now as well, so that could always be a factor. We shifted a respectable amount though, I’d say so anyway, so it was far from terrible.

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Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2015

Fringe Diary – 25/08/15 – First Night

We’ve done it! We’ve successfully carried off our opening night. No technical difficulties. No flubs. All went as smoothly as we could have hoped. 30 tickets sold which is over half our venue capacity, pretty damn good for a first performance we think so we’re hopeful for the rest of the week. Provided, that is, the review doesn’t shoot us out of the sky before we’ve even begun to fly.  Probably best not to think about that now, concentrate on how proud we all are of ourselves and each other. The cast did a great job from where I was sat in the tech box and a large chunk of the audience seemed to like it, so that’s what we should focus on for now. Continue reading “Fringe Diary – 25/08/15 – First Night”

Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2015

Fringe Diary – 24/08/15 – Almost There

Yesterday was our last rehearsal. It went well, well enough that we are now quietly confident as we face opening night. Prior to our last practice run, we spent a good amount of the day flyering once more, and using it as an excuse to wander down unexplored streets in the city. Some of us were dissuaded away from a certain bagel shop by the prices, though I may be tempted to look past it and return, and deferred instead to a pie maker’s, where I partook happily of a sausage roll.
Later, the majority of us took in our first Fringe show, presented to us in the form of ’Dear Cassandra’ and ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’, a double bill from Caramba Theatre Company. It was Continue reading “Fringe Diary – 24/08/15 – Almost There”

Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2015

Fringe Diary – 23/08/15 – Flyering

The weather did a rather abrupt about-face today; torrential rain to sweltering sunshine in less than a few hours. It made a nice change. Good conditions for flyering, a memorable part of any Fringe adventure.  I’ve been told about it, in tones ranging from reverent to traumatised, but nothing prepared me for the pure chaos that is the Royal Mile at Fringe time. It’s a good kind of chaos; people in all ranges of eccentric clothing battling it out to promote their shows to the throng. The atmosphere of the whole thing is really rather enjoyable. Still one has feel sorry for the native Edinburgers just trying to go about their daily lives. The weary look in their eyes as they refuse what must be the thousandth proffered flyer of the day would easily install sympathy if it wasn’t first shoved out of the way by irritation at being refused.

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Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2015

Fringe Diary – 22/08/15 – Coach Trials and Bus Trauma

Well…we encountered some difficulty today, let’s just say that.

All in all, things started out pretty well. All of us were there on time at 5am sharp to board our coach, chittering with excitement and anticipation. The coach journey was as you might expect, not exactly a day at the spa but not an unbearable torture either. 14 hours on a coach with only intermittent breaks can be a bit of a chore for anyone. It was, therefore, with great relief and enthusiasm that we disembarked at the final stop. All matters of comfort aside, Edinburgh is beautiful. Utterly beautiful. Our brief zip through a small patch of the city to find our train was enough to demonstrate that.

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Fringe Diary · Fringe Diary 2015

Fringe Diary – 21/08/15 – Packed Lunch

Today, as I said before, is packing day. We leave in the early hours of tomorrow morning so now is the time we devote to making sure we have all our essentials before we leave. The foremost of those essentials is, of course, food. No long journey is complete without plenty of nourishment, and something to munch on should make the thirteen or so hours go that little bit quicker.

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