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Of Owls and Me

Most of us have a favourite animal. Humans are naturally inclined towards that sort of thing. We slaughter and devour them, and wear their skin, but we also love them.  (I say this as a highly enthusiastic meat-eater. I have my qualms about it but my diet is such that if I didn’t eat meat, I’d literally just live off peas, rice, potatoes and carrots. Don’t worry, my body has adapted to survive off a sedentary lifestyle and poor food intake. Well, I say that. It’ll catch up with me one day but never mind all that, we’re straying from the point).

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An Arachnid Alternative

I consider myself a nature-lover, for the most part. An appreciation for wildlife, birds in particular, is something I was raised with and, all in all, I’m fond of animals. I fall short of vegan- or vegetarianism, largely because I lack the self-discipline, but nevertheless nature and I rub along quite well together.

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