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What the Heck is Poetry, Anyway?

This may be a long one.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while and, seeing as yesterday was World Poetry Day, I might as well try and finalise it now. My heart has a lot of space in it reserved for poetry. I know no other form of writing that can quite match its ability to perfectly encapsulate raw, achingly specific emotion. However, when it comes to answering the question “What is poetry?”, I ironically, find it hard to find exactly the right words. Wikipedia’s opening definition is:

“a form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language to evoke meaning” (1)

While this is fitting, it falls a rather short of quite capturing the full extent of what poetry really is, and even then, I’ve seen many types of writing that decidedly aren’t poetry that the above words would still apply to. The various forms of writing, and the boundaries between them, remain highly difficult to label with concrete definitions, and poetry is the most difficult of them all. It is so many wildly different and often contradictory things at once that finding a singular way to explain it is near impossible. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try, and I might as well have a go.

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Revisiting Old Poetry

Attempting to revisit some of my old (read: crap) poems from the last few years, and rework them into something not entirely terrible.

The last post, ‘Elegy for a Laptop’, is the first attempt, rewriting a poem I wrote back in 2013, and was actually published in my university’s creative writing journal at the time. It’s quite a different (and I hope better) beast now. I like it better this way at least. 

There’s a few more poems I hope to revisit like this, and I’m hoping to rediscover my love for writing poetry that I’ve lost a little in favour of drama the past few years.

Wish me luck…

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The Ethics of Nazi-Punching

Last Friday saw Donald Trump officially sworn in as President of the United States, and, one assumes, the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. 

Saturday, conversely, saw one the most inspiring collection of demonstrations seen in recent times. The women’s marches across all seven continents, giving a beautiful middle finger to Donald trump and all the assorted bigotry and hatred he represents. I know a few people who took part and, were I not a disaster of a person who can barely summon the strength to get out of bed, I would have been with them. I think the next few years will be a good era for protests, thanks to Black Lives Matter paving the way. 

Another minor event that occurred over the weekend was a prominent Nazi, Richard Spencer,  being punched in the face. 

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Of Owls and Me

Most of us have a favourite animal. Humans are naturally inclined towards that sort of thing. We slaughter and devour them, and wear their skin, but we also love them.  (I say this as a highly enthusiastic meat-eater. I have my qualms about it but my diet is such that if I didn’t eat meat, I’d literally just live off peas, rice, potatoes and carrots. Don’t worry, my body has adapted to survive off a sedentary lifestyle and poor food intake. Well, I say that. It’ll catch up with me one day but never mind all that, we’re straying from the point).

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An Excel-lent Advenutre

As an English student (well,  I say that – technically I’m a Creative Writing MA student now but I have an English BA degree so you get my point), calculations have been an issue I’ve had to deal with mercifully little over the last 3 1/2 years. Even before my university career, I exclusively studied humanities at A-level so mathematics have not plagued me extensively since my GCSE years. Again I lie a bit. During the first year of my AS studies I also retook GCSE Maths, having failed to get a C by ONE SINGULAR MARK the previous year. I feel my relationship with mathematics as a subject has been made rather clear by this point. Continue reading “An Excel-lent Advenutre”

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What Next?

I now have a pretty clear idea of what I’ll be doing in the coming months which, for someone on the verge of graduating from there undergraduate degree, is nice. I’ve achieved a satisfyingly high 2:1 which clears the way for my Master’s course, and I’ve got my living arrangements sorted. I can hide safely from adulthood in the cosy bed of higher education for another year and I think I’ll be a lot better for it.  Will I be right? Check in with me in a year’s time, but fingers crossed, eh?

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