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REVIEW: ‘This is Yorkshire’ by The Georgian Theatre Royal Youth Theatre

2 Stars

(Performed in August 2018 – Review published in November 2018)

I’m always a little sad to have to give a show a low rating but I was particularly sad about this one. The cast of this show had been particularly nice to us and I only wish what we saw when we came to see them was better. Continue reading “REVIEW: ‘This is Yorkshire’ by The Georgian Theatre Royal Youth Theatre”

2-⭐ · Fringe Reviews 2018

REVIEW: ‘Mission: Her’ by Urban Trendz Theatre

2 Stars

My feelings for this show are that it has a lot of important things to say but doesn’t really know how to say them. Mental Health is a heavy subject and so you need to give it sufficient weight. For me, that weight wasn’t there.

Continue reading “REVIEW: ‘Mission: Her’ by Urban Trendz Theatre”