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REVIEW: Doctor Who – S10E06/07/08

Due to convenience, and my once again falling behind, I’ve decided to review this three-parter, and its story in one go, while doing my best to differentiate between each episode’s individual merits and flaws:


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REVIEW: Doctor Who – S10E05: ‘Oxygen’


A little down in quality from the last episode in some ways, but a little up many others, ‘Oxygen’ nonetheless still delivers a strong, enjoyable 45 minutes of Who.

One of the main factors that drags this episode down from it’s potential is the extended presence of Matt Lucas compared to previous episodes. His only contribution it to spoil the rapport between Twelve and Bill, kill the dramatic tension with is wooden, one note delivery, and generally serve as an unnecessary distraction and detraction from the plot.

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REVIEW: Doctor Who – S10E04: ‘Knock Knock’


Yet another solid episode. The consistency of Series 10 so far is remarkable considering the shit we’ve had to put up with the last few years. Again it’s not perfect. Again it has flaws, but it truly feels like Doctor Who again. Like the golden age of the revival. If it keeps up this standard, then Series 10 could be prove to be one of the most solid series of NewWho. 

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REVIEW: Doctor Who – S10E01: ‘The Pilot’


It’s nice to actual feel positive anticipation, possibly even excitement, for a series of Doctor Who once again. I began this episode with the usual grim resignation I’ve had to adopt over the show I once loved but found myself pleasantly surprised by what it delivered.

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Review: Black Mirror – Season 3

I’ve finally found the time and motivation to sit down and write up my thoughts on the Third Series of Black Mirror, that released on Netflix back in October. Why has it taken me this long? Because I’m a wreck of a human being, that’s why. Anyway, here are my opinions on the series, episode by episode for you to peruse should you feel inclined:


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