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REVIEW: ‘Wishing on a Stopgap’ by Newcastle University Theatre Society

2 Stars

Sometimes, shows have a promising premise or story but are, for whatever reason, unable to execute it satisfactorily. Wishing on a Stopgap is, I fear, one of these shows.

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REVIEW: ‘Cream Tea and Incest’ by Benjamin Alborough

5 Stars

Everyone enjoys a good bit of chaos in a comedy show, chaos is naturally humorous. It happens a lot in improv shows where said chaos comes from the actors’ ability to spontaneously create ridiculous scenarios, and then having to keep with one another’s adlibs and new ideas.

It takes a different kind of skill entirely to script the kind of mania and hijinks that are created on the spot in improv. Neither is truly superior than the other, but both require very disperate type of talent to pull off. Cream Tea and Incest falls into the scripted chaos category and, with a title like that, has a lot of expectation to live up to.

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REVIEW: ‘Maklena’ by Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club

4.5 Stars

I’ve always intentionally avoided anything by Cambridge theatre groups. I may be myself a bit of a snob but I conversely have always had an inverted snobbery towards the more elite institutions such as Oxford or Cambridge. Being painfully Lower-Middle Class as I am at least allows me to look down in both directions.

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Fringe Diary – Day 22: Twenty-Second Night


Today I saw a show I’d been looking forward to for months. Antonym Theatre were responsible was Staircases, one of my favourite shows of 2015 Fringe. I’d has to miss the show last year as I left before they came up, but this year I my time in the city once again coincided with their run. I was ecstatic and, it turns out, right to be so. They’ve produced another great show this year with Side Orders still on for one more show at time of writing I believe.

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